Eric Liddell Gym improvements

On Tuesday 20 February and Wednesday 21 February (outside opening hours) we will be adding additional kit and making layout improvements to the Eric Liddell Gym.

Following customer feedback and usage analysis from our data partners 'Track My Gym', seven new items of kit will be added to the Eric Liddell Gym. There will also be some changes to the layout of the space to provide an improved member experience. 

Enabling Excellence wording on gym wall

New and additional equipment

As well as additional items of some of our most popular equipment, following member feedback, we will be adding a Prone Leg Curl machine into the gym.

Kit being added to the gym

  • The addition of a Selection 900 Prone Leg Curl
  • Two additional Excite Stair Climbers
  • An additional Section 700 Lat Machine
  • An additional Kneeling Easy Chin Dip Machine
  • An additional Selection 700 Leg Extension Machine
  • An additional Selection 700 Dual Abductor/Adductor

Improved layout

The new layout aims to keep the spacious feel that members have fed back positively about, whilst utilising spaces that were left to allow new equipment to be added following the refurbishment of the gym last summer. The changes that will be made include grouping similar equipment together to improve user flow and the repositioning of the Dual Adjustable Pulleys to optimise their use. Following positive user feedback, the full body work out zone in the front room of the gym will remain.

Schedule of works

The changes to the layout and equipment installs will take place overnight on Tuesday 20 February and Wednesday 21 February, and there should be no disruption to members during the work. 

  • Tuesday 20 February: The gym layout will be reconfigured and space created for the new equipment.
  • Wednesday 21 February: New equipment will be installed ready for use from opening on Thursday 22 February.
close up image of Technogym equipment

Further information