Rosie Zeme

Rosie offers PT sessions at the Pleasance Sports Complex & Gym

During my 5 years a personal trainer and 7 years a group exercise instructor I have found my career to be incredibly rewarding. My main aim working in the health and fitness industry is to help people improve themselves, gain confidence and accomplish their goals. 

I love working alongside someone seeing their progession through our sessions together, whether they are focused on building strength, pilates work or prenatal fitness/postnatal recovery. I may create the program but you are the one putting the hard work in.

Rosie Zeme
RL Fitness
Photo Rosie Zeme with the text Personal Trainer

Specialist Areas:

  • Strength and toning
  • Pilates
  • Prenatal fitness and postnatal recovery

Contact Details:

Mobile: 07821235077



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Rosie keeps a very close eye on everything we do when working together which means I have not suffered an injury in the 3 years she has been my PT. I have enjoyed feeling more in control of my body than ever before and more capable too!

Jan Watson

I have been able to hear Rosie's voice saying ""switch on those abs"" as I go about my normal day" "Rosie has a huge range of exercises making each session different and challenging. My fitness has improved and Rosie is quick to help if I am struggling"

Kath Longford

Thank you for the difference you have made in my gym and fitness life. Everyone starts from a different place and each journey is different but, I feel, you listened, understood and applied your expertise to give me what I wanted and needed ...

You keep me motivated and smiling even when it hurts. Habit forming of the good kind.

Dougal McBride
54 and 3 quarters