LGBT+ Inclusion Action Plan

One of our core values is that we are Open to Everybody, no matter of age, race, ability, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other characteristic and we strive to live by this value each day. However, we know we can always learn and improve

Our commitments

  • All staff members to sign up to the University Dignity and Respect Policy
  • All recruiters to complete unconscious bias training before taking part in any recruitment activity
  • In the strongest possible terms, combat discrimination, harassment or victimisation against any person through our user code of conduct and terms and condition of use.
  • Participate in events and campaigns to support the University Equality and Diversity Strategy
  • Include value based questions in all recruitment interviews and staff annual reviews
  • Engage and champion inclusion in reviews of local, national and international guidance on competition
  • To work within the compass of the Corporate Services Group’s EDI Committee and Action Plan, as well as engage actively with Staff Pride Network and EU’s Inclusion Committee for specific guidance and support on LGBT+ matters.

Following the results of our 2023 Edinburgh Pride, Open to everybody survey, which built on our 2021 LGBT+ History Month Survey, we have committed to the action points below to ensure that the LGBT+ community feels they can enjoy all the opportunities to stay active, and all the benefits that brings, that we offer.

Feedback Theme Action Completed by Responsible Review date Review Notes
Visibility of support & awareness

Re-share the Sport & Exercise organisation email signature template with guidance on a standard way of adding the pronouns an individual would like to be identified with, if the individual wishes to do so

Sport & Exercise staff offered the opportunity to have Rainbow lanyards.

Promote the Staff Pride Network in Sport & Exercise internal communications

Ensure a diversity of imagery used in branding and campaigns 

Work with Edinburgh University Sports Union to promote current and develop inclusive programmes and activities

Sport & Exercise Marketing Team Head of Marketing and Membership 31/12/23  
Configuration of changing facilities Continue to work with University Estates Team to review changing facilities in current and future Sport & Exercise facilities. Sport & Exercise Operations Teams Director of Sport and Active Health and Assistant Director - Operations 31/12/23