SIGG bottles

Switch to SIGG and join us in making our community more sustainable

Switch to SIGG

Get your sustainable aluminium bottle for only £12

We’ve teamed up with SIGG, the world leaders in aluminium drinking bottles, to encourage everybody to ditch single-use plastic bottles.  Manufactured from a single piece of high-quality aluminium in Switzerland Sport & Exercise SIGG bottles are lightweight, durable and have an interior coating is resistant to fruit acid, remains tasteless, and is free of harmful pollutants. 

Help reduce the use of single-use plastic bottles

If 25% of our members choose to switch to SIGG, together we could save up to 30,000 bottles going to landfill each month*

Following our successful campaigns in 2017 and 2018 (Pedometer challenge and Eco-friendly cleaning products) which resulted in a Gold Rating at the University Sustainability Awards, Sport & Exercise will continue to support the sustainable and environmental aims of the University by targeting to be single-use plastic bottle free by 2020. As part of this aim we have removed bottle vending from the Pleasance Sport Complex and Gym and encourage members to use a reusable water bottle with our water fountains or our new Yanga Sports water dispenser. 

So why not switch to SIGG and join us in making our community more sustainable.

Available now from Pleasance Gym and Peffermill reception.

*based on average 15,000 live members visiting the gym 8 times per month using 1 bottle per visit.

Use your Sigg bottle for Yanga