Lee Meadows

Lee Meadows, Personal Trainer at the Pleasance Sports Complex & Gym.

I have been extremely fortunate to have spent over 20 years in the Health Club and Fitness Industry, successfully running a Personal Training and Therapy business as well as consulting for sports teams across the UK, Europe and Australia. Fitness is a passion and I pride myself on bringing my many years of expertise in both Physical Therapy and training to a diverse client base of all ages, fitness levels and goal orientations. Anatomy, body and muscle mechanics and increased functionality are of great interest to me and this shows in my training methods and philosophies. 

Lee Meadows
Fighting Fit Training Systems
Lee Meadows

Specialist Areas:

  • Advanced functional fitness
  • Martial arts supplementation
  • Spine assessments & structural alignment
  • Advanced injury rehabilitation
  • Intensive course
  • Beginner and advanced weight training

Contact Details: 

T: +44 (0)7843591513 E: fightingfittrainingsystems@googlemail.com