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In addition to taking excellent care of patients needs, the FASIC/ Sport and Exercise team are at the forefront of producing and sharing quality science. In the last five years, team members have produced over 50 peer reviewed scientific publications, given over 70 international or national level presentations and contributed to projects with the likes of the World Health Organisation and Scottish Government.

We are also part of the Edinburgh Sports Medicine Research Network (EMSRN). A multi and inter-disciplinary group of academic and clinical researchers within and linked to the University of Edinburgh with an interest in sports medicine related research.

Our team look to advance science by holding a number of leadership positions with various international, and national organisations. They have contributed to over 200 articles in the popular press.

Contributors to published papers include:

Andrew Murray's latest publications:

Griffin S, Oliver C, MacKenzie G, Murray AD. Altimetrics- you can’t afford to ignore them. BJSM 2017.

Luscombe J, Archibald D, Murray AD. A rapid review of golf and physical activity.  BMJ Open 2017

Murray IR, Murray AD et al. Maximising the impact of your work through infographics. BJR 2017

Murray IR, Murray AD.  Why surgeons should know and use infographics. BJJ 2017.

Murray IR, Murray AD, Infographic. 7 steps to maximise the impact of your work through infographics.

Campbell A, Calderwood C, Murray AD. Bright sports- the Scottish Walking strategy. BJSM 2018

Murray AD, Yousaf H, Campbell A. Scotland leading the way on Active Travel. BJSM- 2018

Murray IR, Murray AD … Simpson H. Reporting the Right Information for Stem Cell treatment is important. BJR 2018

Murray AD, Murray IR… Haddad F.  Increasing Research Visibility to Maximise Impact. BJJ 2018.

Murray AD… Grant E, Mutrie N. An International Consensus on Golf and Health. BJSM 2018 (In print)

Murray AD, Glover D, Hawkes RA. Infographics and Digital Resources.  An International Consensus on Golf and Health. BJSM 2018 (In print)

Linda Linton’s Latest Publications:

Psycharakis SG, Coleman SGS, Linton L, Kaliarntas K, Valentin S 2019 Muscle activity during aquatic exercises in people with and without low back pain. Physical Therapy. 99(3): 297-310

Linton L, Valentin S 2018 Running with Injury: a study of UK recreational and novice runners and association with running related injury. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport. 21(12):1221-1225

Dimundo F, Saunders D, Turner AP, Linton L 2018 FMS screening for middle distance running: a case study of the impact of a four-week training intervention. Professional Journal of strength and Conditioning.  48:15-22

Linton L, Valentin S, Coleman SGS, Kaliarntas K, Psycharakis SG 2017 Trunk muscle activity during dynamic exercises on land and in water for participants with and without chronic low back pain. Physiotherapy. 103:e6-e7

Presentation on this particular research at public engagement session Edinburgh University February 2017; SEM Conference Edinburgh September 2017; Physiotherapy UK Conference Birmingham November 2017; and ATACP annual conference Stoke Mandeville November 2017.

Linton L, Calder L, Santer T 2014 Musculoskeletal Testing of Orienteers During Pre-Participation Evaluation and Associations with Limb Dominance and Injury History.  BJSM, 48(7): 148

Poster presentation at IOC World Conference on Prevention of Injury and Illness, Monaco, April 2014.

Hettle D, Linton L, Baker JS 2013 The effect of kinesiotaping on functional performance on chronic ankle instability – A preliminary study.  Clinical Research on Foot and Ankle 1:105 doi: 10.4172/2329-910X.1000105

Linton L, Barr M, Valentin S. 2022 Prehabilitation for recreational runners: Motivators, influencers and barriers to injury prevention strategies for running-related injury. Journal of Sports Rehabilitation. (Ahead of Print)

Psycharakis SG, Coleman GSG, Linton L, Valentin S. 2022. The WATER study: Which AquaTic ExeRcises increase muscle activity and limit pain for people with low back pain? Physiotherapy (In press)

Linton L, Valentin S. 2020 Running coaches and running group leaders’ engagement with, and beliefs and barriers to prehabilitation and injury prevention strategies for runners. Physical Therapy in Sport. 46:54-62.

Current positions of FASIC staff in medical professional, national and regional bodies include:

  • Technical Advisor (World Health Organisation: Global Action Plan on Physical Activity)
  • Ambassador (NHS Inform)
  • Vice President (Ramblers Scotland)
  • Consultant (Project Lift - Scottish Government/ NHS Scotland.
  • Health and Wellbeing Advisor (Scottish Government - Sport and Physical Activity team)
  • Chief Medical Officer (European Tour Golf)
  • Chief Medical Officer (European Tour Performance Institute)
  • Member (International Golf Federation Medical Board)
  • Member (International Marathon Medical Directors' Association)
  • RCPSG Physical Activity Advisor
  • Health and Wellbeing Advisor (University of Edinburgh)
  • Commonwealth Games Field of Play Steering Group 2013/14