Eleiko Training Gym

The new “Eleiko Training Gym” at the Pleasance Sport Complex is the first Eleiko Training Gym at any UK Higher Education facility.

Sport & Exercise and Eleiko - Raising the Bar

The Eleiko Training Gym offers members access to a new and improved range of premium Eleiko weights and additional multifunctional platform space. There is now an additional 3 work zones in the room, and each rack has a pull-up station built-in (doubling the previous offer) and there are also 3 new dip station attachments and 3 new land mine attachments. The gym has also been completely refurbished with new flooring, a contemporary new look and an improved layout.

ÖPPEN Possibilities

The Eleiko training gym also offers Sport & Exercise members access to Eleiko’s, patent-pending;  Öppen Deadlift Bar. Opening up the benefits of deadlifting to everybody the bar is designed for lifting ease, with a design that supports a variety of lunges and carries in addition to deadlifts. The bar also easily moves between the upright storage and the horizontal lifting position and rests on rubber feet which protect the platform and act as a loading jack to provide ample clearance for unencumbered loading and unloading.

The Eleiko Training Gym currently has 8 Platforms. 


The Eleiko Training Gym is on located on the ground floor.

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