Membership terms and conditions

All members should read and understand our terms and conditions of use before purchasing a membership.

Updated 16 April 2021

Part 1: Terms and conditions of membership

Active for Life Programme – a series of exercise classes designed for older adults and those who are new or returning to exercise available to Members.  

Booking Charge – a payment to University Sport & Exercise by a Member in addition to the Fee, for example for an activity or class. 

Category refers to a category of Membership as structured below:  

  1. Category 1: University of Edinburgh students 

  1. Category 2: University of Edinburgh staff  

  1. Category 3: Associate Access 

  1. Category 4: Community Access 

  1. Category 5: Concession Access 

Code of Conduct – the rules that all Users of University Sport & Exercise facilities must abide by

Facilities – premises belonging to (and/or equipment provided by) University Sport & Exercise. 

Fee – a payment for Membership of the Facilities which must be paid in full upon application. 

Guest – a person accompanied by a Member to the Facilities on payment of a PAYG Charge.  

Member - A person (being 16 years of age or over and with the documentary evidence of same) who has:  

  1. applied for membership with University Sport & Exercise under their appropriate Category and paid the appropriate Fee to University Sport & Exercise in accordance with their Category and Membership Period; or  

  1. a person who has paid a PAYG Charge in accordance with this Membership Agreement.  

Membership – means the entitlement of a Member to use the Facilities and Services. 

Membership Period – means the period for which the Member is entitled to use the Facility and Services. 

PAYG Charge – a payment for one-off entry into the Facilities to use the Services.  

Privacy Policy – means the policy at as updated from time to time. 

Services – any activity, class, workshop, course, instructional session or treatment provided by University Sport & Exercise to the Member from time to time, and which may be subject to a Booking Charge. 

Users – anyone who uses the Facilities, including Members.  

Website – means the website located at the following URL:

2.1. This agreement ("the Membership Agreement") sets out the terms and conditions of your membership with us, The University of Edinburgh Sport & Exercise. By "you" or "your" we mean the person entering into the membership, being the "Member" defined below. By "us" we mean the University Court of the University Edinburgh, being a charity registered in Scotland (Charity Number SC005336) and having its principal office at Old College, South Bridge, Edinburgh, EH8 9YL, acting through its department for sport, fitness and exercise (being together " University Sport & Exercise "). 

2.2. University Sport & Exercise, at its sole discretion, offers Membership and provides use of the Facility to Members in accordance with this Membership Agreement.

2.3. This Membership Agreement is made up of:  

2.3.1. “Part 1: Terms and Conditions” 

2.3.2. “Part 2 Your Health and Exercise” and 

2.3.3. “Part 3 University Sport & Exercise Code of Conduct”  

2.4. University Sport & Exercise reserves the right to make minor amendments to the Membership Agreement (including the University Sport & Exercise Rules) without notice to any Member.

2.5. University Sport & Exercise reserves the right at any time, at its sole discretion to amend the Membership Agreement, for example to ensure the health and safety of Members. It may also be necessary to make changes to the Membership Agreement due to circumstances beyond University Sport & Exercise’s control as set out in section 10.5 below. Where possible, changes will be displayed in the Facilities and on the Website at least two weeks before the changes come into force and this will constitute due notice of the changes. 

2.6. Where a Member is also a student or employee of the University of Edinburgh, nothing in this Membership Agreement shall operate to limit the effect of such other terms and conditions of matriculation or employment which may exist between the Member and the University of Edinburgh. Staff or students whose contractual relationship with the University of Edinburgh has ended must re-apply for a University Sport & Exercise Membership.  

2.7. This Membership Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Scotland and the parties shall abide by the exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish courts.  

3.1. University Sport & Exercise reserves the right to accept or refuse a person as a Member at its sole discretion. 

3.2. Membership shall subsist for the duration of the relevant Membership Period. The Membership Period will begin when: 

3.2.1. The Member’s Membership application has been accepted unconditionally by University Sport & Exercise; and  

3.2.2. The Member has paid the relevant Fee. 

3.3. Members agree to: 

3.3.1. Pay the Fee applicable to their Membership; 

3.3.2. Comply with this Membership Agreement; and  

3.3.3. Adhere to all health and safety advice given by University Sport & Exercise staff, notices (including digital notices) posted in or around the Facilities or on the Website from time to time, and with any instructions given to the Member by a member of University Sport & Exercise staff.

3.4. Membership is strictly non-transferable. If an attempt is made by a person to use a membership that does not belong to them, the Membership may be terminated. 

3.5. University Sport & Exercise reserves the right to refuse entry to any Member to the Facilities, or to provide any of the Services to any Member, where their Membership has been suspended or terminated in accordance with this Membership Agreement.

3.6. University Sport & Exercise reserves the right to vary the Categories of Membership available at any time. 

3.7. It is the Member’s responsibility to promptly inform University Sport & Exercise in writing of any changes to name, address, telephone number, or other personal information.  

3.8 Only those 16 years or older (and with proof of this) shall be accepted as a University Sport & Exercise Member

4.1. A list of the Membership Fees and payment options for each Category is available on the Website.  

4.2. Where the Member elects to pay the Fee by Direct Debit, when available, they agree to adhere to and be bound by the University of Edinburgh Direct Debit terms and conditions, available on the Website. 

4.3. University Sport & Exercise reserves the right to vary the Fees or Booking Charge, or to offer promotions or discounts. Offers are valid for the duration specified in the offer. University Sport & Exercise reserves the right to change or cancel promotions or discounts at any time.  

4.4. Members will be given at least one month’s notice of changes to Membership Fees. Any changes to Membership Fees shall become applicable to each Member upon the next renewal date for the relevant Member. 

5.1. University Sport & Exercise reserves the right to offer Pay as you go (PAYG) access to Facilities in its sole discretion. 

5.2. The eligibility for and circumstance in which PAYG access to the Facilities may be permitted, and the periods of time where PAYG access will be offered, will be advertised on the Website. 

5.3. By paying the PAYG Charge, the Member agrees to the terms and conditions set out in this Membership Agreement including the University Sport & Exercise Rules, and failure to do so may result in termination of Membership in accordance with section 8.  

5.4. In circumstances when PAYG is offered for Guests of Members, the Member must produce their Membership card. The Guest will pay the PAYG Charge to gain access to the Facilities. The Member who signs in the Guest agrees to take responsibility for the Guest. A Member must ensure that their Guest is made aware of the terms and conditions of this Members Agreement including the University Sport & Exercise Code of Conduct. Guest admission may be restricted by University Sport & Exercise at peak times in order to control Facility capacity.  

5.5. Any person under the age of 16 entering the Facilities on a PAYG basis must be accompanied and fully supervised by a responsible Member aged at least 18 years at all times. The Member must ensure that the child does not access any inappropriate areas within the Facilities or areas that may be designated as unsuitable for children by University Sport & Exercise from time to time. Members shall be responsible at all times for use of the Facilities by their child Guest(s).  Further Information - 

6.1. For Category 1 and 2 Members:  At the commencement of the Membership Period, the relevant Membership will be added to staff or student card of the Member. 

6.2. For Category 3, 4 and 5 Members: At the commencement of the Membership Period, the Member will be issued with a Membership card, which remains the property of University Sport & Exercise. The Member will use their Membership card to gain access to the Facilities and for no other purpose.  

6.3. Members must bring their Membership card on each visit to the Facilities. The University reserves the right to refuse entry to persons unable to produce their Membership card. Members applying for a replacement card may be required to pay an for the replacement card which will be displayed on the website.  

6.4. Members may be required to produce their Membership card upon request by a member of University Sport & Exercise staff. If the Member is unable to produce their Membership card (or other proof of identity as may be requested), University Sport & Exercise may refuse entry or require the Member to leave the Facilities, and may refuse to provide any of the Services to that Member.  

6.5. Loss or theft of a Membership card must be reported by the Member to University Sport & Exercise immediately. 

7.1. Cancellation during the first 14 days of Membership: You have 14 days from the day after we notify you that we have accepted your Membership to cancel by contacting  If you use the Facilities during this 14-day cooling-off period and then exercise your right to cancel, we reserve the right to charge you a pro-rata amount (on a daily basis) for your use of the Facilities. 

7.2. Cancellation after first 14 days of Membership: You are not entitled to a refund unless you provide evidence of changes to your personal circumstances which make it difficult or impossible for you to use of the Facilities including: 

7.2.1. Long term injury or illness; 

7.2.2. Pregnancy or birth or adoption of a child; 

7.2.3. Death of a partner or dependent; 

7.2.4. University of Edinburgh staff temporarily moving away from the area for work purposes; 

7.2.5. Redundancy or unemployment; or 

7.2.6. Deferral or withdrawal from the University of Edinburgh. 

7.3 Cancellation requests should be made by emailing  Whether refunds are made (and the amount) is at the discretion of the University Sport & Exercise.  

Suspension of Membership  

7.4. Members wishing to temporarily suspend their Membership may do so at the discretion of the University. The Member must fulfil the period of the suspended Membership in addition to the minimum period of their Membership (for example, a 12 month Membership plus two months where the Membership is suspended would equate to a 14 month total obligation). 

7.5. A nominal administration charge may be applied for the period that the Membership suspension is in effect. Any charge will be made clear to the Member in response to the suspension request. 

7.6. Membership suspensions will be considered in the event of changes to personal circumstances, which make it difficult or impossible for Members to use of the Facilities including:  

7.6.1. Long term injury or illness; 

7.6.2 Pregnancy or birth or adoption of a child; 

7.6.3 Death of a partner or dependent; 

7.6.4 University of Edinburgh staff temporarily moving away from the area for work purposes; or 

7.6.5 Redundancy or unemployment. 

7.7. Memberships can be suspended for a minimum period of four weeks and a maximum period of 12 weeks during the Membership Period. Requests to suspend Membership must be emailed to  

7.8. You must give at least two weeks’ notice prior to the requested start date of the suspension.  

8.1. University Sport & Exercise may suspend or terminate your Membership at its sole discretion, without notice and with immediate effect in the following circumstances.

8.1.1. A Member or their Guest commits a serious or repeated breach of the Membership Agreement (including the Sport & Exercise Code of Conduct) or University rules and regulations, and the breach, if capable of remedy, is not remedied within 7 days of the Member being notified of the breach; or  

8.1.2. A Member provides details that they know to be false when applying for Membership and the false declaration would have reasonably affected the University Sport & Exercise’s decision to grant the Membership;  

8.1.3. A Member allows another person to use their Membership card to access the Facilities; or 

8.1.4. A Member enters into an arrangement with a personal trainer who is not a member of the  University Sport & Exercise self-employed personal training team.  

8.2. If University Sport & Exercise terminates the Membership, for the reasons set out at section 8.1, it reserves the right to retain the Fees paid by the Member. 

9.1. The access to the Facility and Services included in different types of Membership is available on the Website.  

9.2. Details of the Facility’s current opening hours are displayed within the Facilities and on the Website. 

9.3. University Sport & Exercise reserves the right to adjust the opening hours or the Facilities and Services made available at its sole discretion. If such changes are made, University Sport & Exercise will, where reasonably possible, display notices in the Facilities and on the Website notifying Members of the change at least two weeks beforehand. 

9.4. University Sport & Exercise operates CCTV and similar equipment to monitor safety and security as permitted by relevant legislation.  

9.5. University Sport & Exercise reserves the right to refuse entry to or reject from the Facilities and/or any Services anyone whose behaviour is, in its sole opinion, unsuitable, including on health & safety grounds.  

9.6. University Sport & Exercise reserves the right to limit access to Facilities and/or Services in order to manage capacity, by utilising a booking system or other means and reserve the right to restrict the future booking requests of Members who fail to cancel places in the appropriate way.

9.7. It may be necessary to temporarily withdraw all or part of the Facilities and/or Services, including for events, alterations, repairs and maintenance, staff training, University or national holidays, or for security and/or health and safety reasons. Details of such closures will be displayed in the Facilities and on the Website.  

9.8. Where University Sport & Exercise is required to close all Facilities and Services for seven or more consecutive days, due to circumstances beyond University Sport & Exercise’s control as set out in section 10.5 below and no alternative facilities are available: 

9.8.1. Memberships where Fees have been paid in advance by cash or credit/debit card will be suspended and the period of the closure will be added to the end of the Membership Period. 

9.8.2. Memberships where Fees are paid by Direct Debit will be suspended and no payments will be processed during the period of closure. 

9.8.3. If this closure is for a period of 30 days or more, Members will have the option to cancel and receive a refund for the unused portion of the Membership Period. Cancellation requests should be sent to

9.9. Service Bookings 

9.9.1. All Services have limited places available so it is highly recommended that Members book in advance. Details of how to book can be found on the Website.  

9.9.2. Members must register online at the Website to book Services. 

9.9.3. University Sport & Exercise reserves the right to limit the number of bookings a Member can make in a period of time. Details will be displayed on the Website. 

9.10. Exercise Classes 

9.10.1. Members may only book one place per class and this place is for their sole use. It is not transferable. 

9.10.2. Members should arrive 3 minutes before the class is due to start. 

9.10.3. If you are unable to attend a class please cancel your booking online. 

9.10.4. University Sport & Exercise reserves the right to restrict the future booking requests of Members who fail to cancel three class places in the appropriate way.

9.11. Sport Courts 

9.11.1. Sport court bookings are subject to a Booking Charge available at the Website. 

9.11.2. Payments for Booking Charges are required at the time of booking. 

9.11.3. Bookings are confirmed upon payment of the appropriate Booking Charge.  

9.11.4. Payments  are made through the University's secure E-payment Portal which is governed by the University's Privacy Policy. 

9.11.5. University Sport & Exercise can use up to 10 minutes of a booking slot for any necessary equipment changeover or set up.

9.11.6. Members may bring in one Guest at any one time for sport court bookings.  

9.11.7. The Member must be in attendance for the booking. The Guest must be accompanied by the Member and must pay the appropriate PAYG Charge.  

9.11.8. Bookings can only be cancelled by phone or in person up to 24 hours in advance of the activity start time. 

9.11.9. In the event of a booking cancellation up to 24 hours in advance of the activity start time, an alternative booking slot will be offered at University Sport & Exercise's discretion. No refunds will be given. 

9.11.10. Email cancellation requests cannot be accepted. 

9.12. Climbing Wall and Bouldering  

9.12.1. Members must complete a registration process before using the climbing facilities. This can be completed on the Website. 

9.13. Changing Rooms / Saunas 

9.13.1. To maintain high standards and a pleasant environment cleaning may be undertaken during heavy use of the changing rooms/showers. Members and Guests should wear suitable attire and should not consume food in the saunas or changing rooms. If the sauna is busy, University Sport & Exercise reserve the right to limit the time spent by Members and/or Guests in the sauna.  

9.14. Lockers  

9.14.1. Members should store valuables and personal items in the lockers provided and secured with a padlock at all times. 

9.14.2. Keys for coin-return lockers must not be removed by the Member from the Facilities. University Sport & Exercise may also provide locker rental at the Facilities for an additional charge (refer to University Sport & Exercise Members locker rules available at the reception desk).

9.14.3. Members must remove their belongings from the lockers when they leave the Facilities. Items left by the Member in un-rented lockers overnight will be removed and treated as lost property (except where the Member has paid the relevant Charge for annual locker hire). For hygiene and/or security reasons, certain items may be disposed of immediately. All other items removed from lockers by University Sport & Exercise staff can be claimed from Reception for a at least one week. After this time, unclaimed items may be donated to charity or disposed. 

9.14.4. University Sport & Exercise reserves the right to open and inspect the contents of all lockers in the interests of health and safety or security or as it may otherwise deem necessary.  

9.14.5. Members are responsible for the wilful or reckless damage to a locker, or the removal of keys for a locker from the Facilities, and agrees to reimburse University Sport & Exercise for any losses or costs it incurs as a result of such damage.  

9.15. Car parking / disabled spaces  

9.15.1. Members and Guests must respect the disabled parking areas and lined bays. Any person (whether or not a Member or Guest) who misuses such areas or bays will be logged on the the Member's file in the case of a Member), and asked to move the vehicle. UoE parking restrictions apply. See for further details.  

9.16. Personal Training Service 

9.16.1. Personal trainers operate in the Facilities on a self-employed basis. Any service they provide to a Member constitutes a separate contract between the personal trainer and that Member. University Sport & Exercise accepts no responsibility for any breach of contract, breach of duty or negligence of a personal trainer.  

9.16.2. University Sport & Exercise does not allow any personal training to undertaken in the Facility by any person who is not part of University Sport & Exercise self-employed personal training team. Any Members suspected by University Sport & Exercise of engaging in any arrangement with a personal trainer who is not a member of the University Sport & Exercise self-employed personal training team will have their membership terminated.

Loss of or Damage to Personal Property 

10.1. University Sport & Exercise’s liability for damage to or loss of a Member or Guest’s property (including theft or loss of items from lockers) is limited to reasonable compensation for damage or loss suffered by that Member or Guest, having regard to factors such as whether the loss or damage arises as a result of the negligence of University Sport & Exercise and its staff. This includes damage or loss occurring in the University Sport and Exercise car and cycle park areas.  

Injury and Accidents 

10.2. You must immediately report any incidents you become aware of involving injury to, or the health or safety of any person using the Facilities to a University Sport & Exercise member of staff.  

10.3. University Sport & Exercise does not exclude or limit in any way its liability where it would be unlawful to do so. This includes liability for death or personal injury caused by the negligence of University Sport & Exercise or our staff.

10.4. Subject to 10.3, your use of the Facilities is at your own risk. Members must not use any equipment or undertake any activity unless satisfied that they are competent to do so safely and properly. Members are under a duty to safeguard their own health and safety and that of others whilst using the Facilities. University Sport & Exercise will not be responsible for any harm or injury that is attributable to the Member’s own fault, for example unsafe use of the Facilities or failure to advise staff of a medical condition relevant to such use. 

10.5. University Sport & Exercise will not be liable to Members by reason of any delay in performing or any failure to perform, any of its obligations under the Membership Agreement if the delay or failure was due to any cause beyond University Sport & Exercise’s reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, pandemics, epidemics or disruption resulting from pandemics or epidemics, explosions, actual or suspected terrorist attacks, floods, fire or accident, war or threat of war, sabotage, civil disturbance, prohibitions or measures of any kind on the part of any governmental, parliamentary or local authority, industrial actions or trade disputes. In such circumstances, University Sport & Exercise will take reasonable and proportionate steps to minimise any adverse impact on Members.

11.1 For more information about how we handle your personal information, and your rights under data protection legislation, please see at 

Part 2: Your Health and Exercise

1. In applying for Membership, and every time the Member enters the Facilities (during their Membership or otherwise to use the Services), the Member is confirming to University Sport & Exercise that (i) they are is in good physical condition and are capable of all forms of exercise (appropriate to the activities they intend to undertake), and that (ii) such forms of exercise would not, to the best of their knowledge and belief, be detrimental to their health and wellbeing. It is the sole responsibility of the Member to consult a medical practitioner or to cancel their Membership if they are in any doubt about their physical condition.  

2. By signing in a Guest or accompanying a child in the Facilities, the Member is confirms that, to the best of the Member's knowledge and belief, the Guest or child is in a physical condition suitable for the type of exercise or activity in which the Guest or child engages in the Facilities or receives by way of Services.  

3. Without in any way limiting the scope and effect of the provisions in paragraphs 1 and 2 the Member is responsible for bringing to the attention of University Sport & Exercise staff members any medical condition (mental or physical) that may represent a risk (i) to a Member (or to the child or Guest of a Member) in engaging in any particular activity or exercise, or (ii) to any other person in the Facilities.  

4. Prior to applying for Membership, prospective Members should read the questions below concerning their health status and that of Guests and children. Advice or clarification on any questions can be obtained from  University Sport & Exercise staff.  

5. Physical activity is safe, enjoyable and beneficial for most people. However, for some people it is advisable to check with a doctor before embarking on any form of exercise. Prior to applying for Membership, Members are requested to read the following questions:  

5.1. Has a medical professional told you that you have a heart disease, high blood pressure or any other cardio-vascular problem, and/or recommended only medically supervised exercise?  

5.2. Do you suffer from chest pain or breathlessness at rest or when doing physical activity?  

5.3. Do you lose your balance because of dizziness, feel faint or ever lose consciousness?  

5.4. Has a medical professional told you that you have bone or joint problems that might be made worse by physical activity?  

5.5. Are you currently taking medication for a heart condition or blood pressure?  

5.6. Do you suffer from asthma, diabetes, bronchitis, epilepsy, thyroid disorder, liver or renal disease?  

5.7. Are you particularly overweight or underweight?  

5.8. Are you pregnant or have you given birth in the last 3 months?  

6. If the prospective Member has answered YES to ANY of these questions then they MUST consult their GP before participating in any physical activity including, without limitation, any physical activity undertaken at the Facilities. This is solely the responsibility of the prospective Member and should assist them in identifying the type of exercise which is most appropriate for them. 

Part 3: University Sport & Exercise Code of Conduct

University of Edinburgh Sport & Exercise is proud to be open to everybody and is committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming community environment for all. All users of our facilities and services must abide by our Code of Conduct.

University Sport & Exercise may refuse to admit any person to the Facilities, or may request that a person leaves the Facilities, if University Sport & Exercise reasonably believes that the person has breached any of University Sport & Exercise Rules. No refund will be made to such person where they are asked to leave the Facilities in such circumstances.  

View our Code of conduct