Our values

Delivering an outstanding experience for everybody

Our sport and activity programme has never been stronger/.

We believe that Active Health & Sport make the world a better place.

  • The power of good physical, emotional & social health
  • The power of fun, enjoyment & satisfaction
  • The power of belonging, achievement & pride
  • The power to enhance learning, development & employability
  • The power to actively address inequalities & promote a positive culture

Our provision is award winning and covers facilities, programmes, services and events, from the occasionally active to elite performance athletes and players.

Our Values & Behaviours

Open to EveryBody:

Be Welcoming | Be Kind | Be Inclusive

  • Greet everyone with a smile
  • Be honest and enthusiastic
  • Listen & take action
  • Combat prejudice and celebrate diversity
  • Challenge unacceptable behaviour
  • Treat everybody with dignity & respect

We are committed to making our services and facilities accessible to everybody with an open armed invitation that makes people feel welcome

Anything is Possible

Be Optimistic | Be Pioneering

  • Be curious and challenge the status quo
  • Build partnerships that are forward thinking
  • Think big
  • Celebrate when things go well & learn when they don’t
  • Inspire and be inspired by colleagues & customers

We believe there is no ceiling, that possibility is everywhere and that doors can be opened for ourselves and for our users

Enabling Excellence

Be Collaborative | Be Authentic | Be Proud

  • Take pride in all you do
  • Hold yourself and each other accountable
  • Respect and be confident in your own & colleagues expertise
  • Share ideas for improvement no matter the scale or size
  • Appreciate and share the achievements of peers & customers
  • Take advantage of opportunities for self-development

Being an expert in your field is a consistent effort and one that should be nurtured, supported and valued