Martin Christie

Martin offers PT sessions at the Pleasance Sports Complex & Gym

Sport and exercise are my passions in life. I am a keen sportsman myself having played top level Scottish club rugby for several years. I have a degree in applied sports science from the University of Edinburgh and this has given me excellent knowledge in the factors which underpin training and exercise.

I have been lifting weights for over 20 years, having first started in 2001, aged 14. I have been working in the fitness industry since 2006 and I have been a personal trainer since 2010. I have also ran the strength and conditioning programmes for Watsonians and Gala rugby clubs. Over the years I have worked with and have been coached by some top S&C​​​​​​​ coaches and I strive to apply this knowledge to PT sessions.

I work with all ages; from complete beginners to seasoned pro’s and I use all my applied experience to provide a tailor-made service to each client to enable them to achieve their goals”

Martin Christie
MC Fitness
Photo of Martin Christie with the text Personal Trainer

Specialist Areas:

  • Degree Applied Sports Science (BSc) Edinburgh University
  • Reps level 3 PT
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Introduction to Strength Training
  • Resistance training for beginners
  • Weight loss/fat loss
  • Muscle gain
  • Preparation for sporting performance
  • Injury Rehab/Prehab

Contact Details:

T: 07929526222 E: W: