St Leonards pool installs new electrolytic chlorination system

We are delighted to be one of the first swimming pools in the UK to introduce a Hyprolyser® electrochlorination system - a greener, safer and cheaper way to operate our pool.

How it works

Hyprolyser® systems completely eliminate the risks associated with handling and storing hazardous chemicals, significantly reduce maintenance tasks and offer a very economical and effective method for chlorination in applications such as drinking water, swimming pools, building services and industrial water treatment. A Salt Hyprolyser makes Sodium Hypochlorite (Chlorine) onsite via electrolysis. Sodium Hypochlorite is a disinfectant used in commercial swimming pools. This would replace our current form of Chlorine -  High Test Hypochlorite (HTH).

Why are we introducing the new system?

The main reason we are replacing our current system is to reduce our overall environmental impact.  HTH is mainly made in China and USA and needs to be refrigerated when transported. It also comes in large un-recyclable plastic tubs.

Salt is the only material needed for the Hyprolyser, which can be purchased from companies in the UK and comes in recyclable packaging.

There is a worldwide shortage of chlorine, which has led to some pools having to close.  The price of HTH has also risen by over 70% over the past year, with more price increases expected soon. Salt is 15 times less expensive than a tub of HTH, so there are considerable economic savings. 

There are also extensive  health & safety benefits to using the Hyporlyser, as it eliminates the need to handle hazardous chemicals (HTH) and will reduce the need for PPE (gloves and full-face masks).