How to book or cancel

Classes are available to all our members as part of your memberships but need to be pre-booked online.

How to book classes

  • Classes can fill up quickly so always book as soon as possible.
  • Classes can be booked 3 days in advance.
  • Bookings can be must be made online.
  • New members will need to register and create a new account on the online booking site (you will need your membership card number for this). 

Members: book classes online

How to cancel a class

Our classes are very popular and do fill up quickly so if you cannot attend a class you've booked please release your space as soon as you can to give others the chance to book on.  You can phone or visit the Pleasance reception to cancel your space. Alternatively, you can cancel online:

  1. Log on to the class booking site -
  2. Click into  'my account' (if accessing the site from a PC you will need to click into 'account history' first)
  3. Click into 'classes'
  4. Find the class you want to cancel then click the plus symbol to expand the box and click the red cancel button (if accessing the site from a PC find the class you want to cancel and click on the red X box).

How to book - Workshops

All workshops have limited spaces available so it is highly recommended that you book your place in advance.

  • Members and non-members may book single or multiple blocks of workshops in advance. 
  • No email or phone bookings can be taken for workshops.
  • Payment must be made at the time of booking.
  • There are no pro-rata options available for workshops.
  • No refunds can be issued once a workshop has started.
  • Our terms and conditions apply to all guests including non-members.
  • Non-members can only book at Pleasance reception.
  • Members can book at Pleasance reception or on the booking site by selecting the 'courses' option (you will need to be registered to book online).

Members: book workshops online

 Cancellation of workshops

The Sport & Exercise staff reserve the right to cancel any workshop up to three days before the start if numbers are insufficient to run the course and/or if facility concerns arise.