Sport & Exercise Student Gym Instructors earn Edinburgh Award

Six of the 2022/23 cohort of Gym Instructors from our student Employment Programme have earned the first ever Sport & Exercise Edinburgh Award.

About the Award

The Edinburgh Award is a University programme that students can undertake alongside a particular activity. It supports, recognises and rewards students who have been actively involved in contributing at the University, have been intentional about their personal development and are able to translate their learning and skills to different contexts.  

The Edinburgh Award challenges students to develop their skills throughout the year while equipping them with the tools to make the biggest impact in their first steps into the job market. 

Sport & Exercise Edinburgh Award

New for 2022/23 and designed for our Gym Instructors on our Student Employment Programme, the Sport & Exercise Edinburgh Award is a framework to help increase self- awareness; make the most of existing strengths and build news skills and abilities against clear development goals. There is a focus on the importance of self-reflection, promoting the ability to see the impact they make in the working environment and on their own personal development. It also provides the opportunity to help them understand how they can highlight and communicate these skills to future employers.  

Image of students at Edinburgh Award ceremony

The Sport & Exercise Edinburgh Award is a fantastic addition to our Student Employment Programme. Our vision is to offer opportunities and experiences to develop skills and abilities which will ultimately enhance employability and the student experience. lt has been a privilege to see the Gym Instructors grow throughout the award and delighted all their hard work and dedication is  recognised and celebrated by the University.

The benefits for students

The Award recognises students taking part in non-academic activities while studying at the University. It also encourages students to reflect on, and develop, the skills that can be gained through taking part in activities outwith their degree. The experience of taking part in these activities combined with the ability to reflect on and actively develop their skills stands the participants in good stead for the future, whatever that may be. 

Students who have been awarded the Edinburgh Award have an entry on their HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report), an expanded record of achievement at University, to demonstrate their commitment to personal development to future employers. 

2022/23 cohort

In its inaugural year, 6 students, from our 22/23 student gym instructor cohort have completed the award programme focusing on developing 3 key skills important to them, finding opportunities and ways to develop these skills within the gym environment, proactively reflecting and gaining insight to effectively communicate with employers the experience and skills they have developed along side their studies.   

Image of students at Edinburgh Award ceremony

The gym instructor experience has provided me with opportunities to develop my confidence alongside other skills

The programme has given me the opportunity to find diverse ways of supporting and communicating with different groups of the whole Sport & Exercise fitness community

Congratulations to all those who have participated this year. 

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