Essential maintenance at the Pleasance this December

To maintain our high standards and improve our current offering we have scheduled some important work during December at the Pleasance Sports Complex & Gym.

Details of upcoming work:

  • There will be painters throughout the building at the Pleasance from Monday 6 to 23 December
  • The Boxing Base will be closed from Saturday 4 December to Friday 14 January. This is to allow for essential maintenance. Some of the punch bags will be relocated to the Circuit Gym. 
  • There may be slight disruption in the Circuit Gym for a few hours on Saturday 4 December in the morning to allow the contractors to set up for the work in the Boxing Base.
  • The Studio will be closed from Monday 20 to Tuesday 21 December to allow for work on the floor. 
  • There be no access to Velocity from Monday 20 December from 5pm to 10pm and Tuesday 21 December from 6am to 5pm. Due to the flooring in the foyer being replaced.  All classes have been cancelled during these times.
  • The far end of Vault one will be closed off to allow the install of six new platforms from Monday 13 to Monday 20 December. The new set-up will include:
    • 6 new Eleiko squat stands
    • New flooring
    • New crashpads 
    • Branded discs to be redistributed into the new zone (5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg 25kg)
    • 6 new Eleiko XF 20kg bars
    • 2 new Eleiko XF 15kg bars
  • There will be a platform lift replacement at 48 & 68 Pleasance (Sports Union building) from 6  to 23 December 2021